Dr. Saddam Akber Abbasi is working as an Associate Professor at Qatar University, Doha, Qatar. He received Ph.D. in Statistics from The University of Auckland, New Zealand in 2013. He was the recipient of New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship funded by Education NZ. Before joining Qatar University, Dr. Abbasi served as an Assistant Professor in King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, for three years. 

His research interests include statistical process control, time series analysis, profile monitoring and nonparametric statistics.


  • Abbasi, S. A., Khaliq, Q., Omar, M. and Riaz, M. (2020). On designing a sequential based EWMA structure for efficient process monitoring. Journal of Taibah University of Science, Accepted.

  • Abbas, N., Saeed, U., Riaz, M. and Abbasi, S. A. (2020). On designing an assorted control charting approach to monitor process dispersion: an application to hard-bake process. Journal of Taibah University of Science, 14(1), 65-76.

  • Abbasi, S. A. (2019). Location charts based on ranked set sampling for normal and non-normal processes. Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 35(6), 1603-1620.

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  • STAT 680: Special Topics (Advances in Statistical Process Control)

  • STAT 344: Quality Control

  • STAT 151: Introduction to Applied Statistics

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